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Artist name:  Mina Koo (Koomina, 쿠미나)

Description:  singer-songwriter, performer, dancer, model

Genre:  Pop (Dance, Rock, Electro Funk/HipHop)

Current Location:  Hollywood, CA 

Influences:  Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, and Hwang Jini

Interests:  dance, yoga, martial arts, multi-cultural


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Short Description:
Mina Koo (Koomina) is a singer-songwriter/performer, an international pop artist, based in LA.  She has been tearing up stages along the East and West coasts, and beyond, with her unique blend of world music and high-energy club anthems.  The renowned Music Connection Magazine described her music as “confectionary pop.

If Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Madonna ever had a crazy one night stand, the lovechild of that musical affair could only be described as.. Mina Koo.
She’s headlined famous LA venues such as The Mint, House of Blues, and The Roxy as well as heating up the dance floors with her debut album “Mina.” Known for her dynamic choreography and commanding stage presence, a live performance from Mina is not one you will soon forget..
While still a child, Mina won several talent contests, as well as having her songs featured on nationally syndicated TV channel KBS.  Her love for music continued to develop, and soon she began playing piano and guitar, as well as performing with a diverse group of multicultural musicians.
Shortly after the release of “Mina” the track “More Than a Crush" received placement in indie film "Lady Beard," as well as on MTV reality show "Challenge: Battle of the Seasons.”  Another track "Jini" was featured in the popular E! network's TV Show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."  Mina's another club anthem "Troubadours (Dance Floors)" was selected as a Finalist in the 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Contest!  In 2012,  2013 and 2014, she got nominated at Hollywood Music in Media Awards and Artists In Music Awards.  In 2017, Mina's song "Suddenly" got a placement in "Switched at Birth" on Freeform by Disney–ABC Television Group.
While Mina Koo was busy tearing up stages across the country, from the busy streets of New York City to her current home in Hollywood, California, she got called to record Korean versions for two of her songs, for Kpop fans.  Her Kpop verions of "Suddenly" (2014) and "Beautiful Thing" (2015) hit number 1 at the Melon chart (which is a Korean equivalent of iTunes.)   She then got invited to perform for some of the most high-profile shows in Korea, such as Yeosu Music Festival, Itaewon Global Village Music Festival, and Buil Film Award Ceremony at Busan International Film Festival.  It is not so surprising that "Suddenly" and "Beautiful Thing" were played in several Korean TV shows as well as in a highly demanded dance video game called Mstar NetMarble, not to mention she being endorsed by Telefunken, BAE AudioTisbezin Jewery, and LuCell.
With the warm reception of her debut for both US pop and Kpop worlds underway, Mina has been traveling back and forth to Sweden, working on a new album with her Swedish production team.  She had to go through recovery process from her injuries from two unexpected accidents in 2016, however, she turned this trial into opportunities to redevelop herself as an artist, as well as to train in dance, yoga and pole arts.  Being refreshed inside and outside, she now is ready to kick off her new chapter, unleashing her unique blend of world music and high-energy club anthems as the soundtrack for the next generation of pop fans worldwide. 

(Bio written by Matthew. R. Brown)

Bullet Points:

- {{LA area}}-- performed in and around Hollywood and Los Angeles, including.. 
          Key Club, Rainbow, Roxy, Viper Room, Whiskey, Universal, Busby's East, Promenade, 
          The Mint, Skinny's lounge, Maui and Sons, Paladino's, The Dragonfly 
- {{Other Cities}} -- performed in San Francisco (Hotel Utah), Pasadena (The Terrace), 
          Long Beach (Club Lush), Glendale (Pierre Garden Bar), Orange County (Sam Ash Music Store), 
          Boston (Harvard Square), Pennsylvania (Penn Park, The Blouvard),  
- {{Festivals}} -- performed for ...  IMC (Independent Music Conference), Take My Hand Summer Fest. 
          Make Music Harvard Square, Make Music New York,  
          Artists In The Plus Music Festival @ Village Studios 
- {{NY area}}- performed at Rhythm N Soul @ Brooklyn, Habanero @ Bronx, Branded Saloon @ Brooklyn, 
           Debra Coco's Bronxnet show @ JGTMTv (Bronxnet channel 68 / Verizon FiOS channel 34) 
           HerbertVonKing Park Amphitheater, Marcus Garvey Park Amphitheater, 
           Inteviewed for 91.8 TheGRadioNetwork, Imperial Eagle Plaza @ Norwalk, CT,  
           The Triad @ NYC 
- {{National Anthem}} - sang National Anthem (US/Korea) at US open TaeKwonDo Championship 2013  
- {{South Korea}} -- performed at Yeosu Music Festival aired on MBC, Itaewon Global Village Festival,  
          C&M (cable tv) Good Concert, Club syndrome, Kookje News U: Concert,  
          Buil Film Award Ceremony at Busan International Film Festival


- {{Award}} 
--- MI achievement award - best project 2011; 
--- "Video Award Gold" (high quality original video with good production values) and 
     "Song Award Gold" (well written original song) for "Suddenly" Music Video @ Beat100 (Sep-13, 2012) 
--- "Trouabdours (Dance Floors)" - Finalist @ John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2012 
--- Artists In Music Awards - Best Dance music Artist, one of Top 5 (2014) 
--- The Akademia Music Awards - "Suddenly (Synthinel Remix)" (2017) 
--- Hollywood Music in Media Awards for the songs "More Than a Crush" (2012), "Suddenly" (2013),  
    "Beautiful Thing"(2015),"Suddenly (Synthinel Remix)" (2017) 


- {{Radio}} --,, Indie104 ~ iRadio LA, 
           played on FM 95.1Mhz TBS Radio staion in Seoul, Korea. 

 - {{Film Placement}} -- "More Than a Crush" placed in an indie film "LadyBeard" (Apartment 2B Productions) 

 - {{TV show placement}} 
------ "More Than a Crush" placed in episode 2301(airdate 9/19/12) of "Challenge: Battle of the Exes," 
          on MTV with an on-screen credit (chyron); 
------ "Jini" placed in episode 705 (airdate 6/17/12) of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"! 
------ "Suddenly" placed in "Switched at Birth" on Freeform by Disney–ABC Television Group 2017 

 - {{Video Game placement}} 
------ Mstar NetMarble 


- {{Endorsement / modeling}} 
------ Telefunken-ElectraAkustic microphone ( 
------ Keep A Breast Foundation ( 
------ BAE Audio, Tisbezin Jewery, Lava Woman, LuCell.


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